Dialysis Unit
  • Haemodialysis
    It is a life line for kidney failure patients; This facility will be provided at door steps with five stars hotel facility for our needy and desparate patients with nominal fees.
  • What Is Dialysis
    Dialysis , also called haemodialysis, is the most common treatment for kidney failures. A dialysis machine is an artificial kidney design to remove impurities from your blood. During dialysis, physicians use the dialysis access to remove a portion of your blood to circulate it through machine so it can remove impurities and regulate fluids and chemical balances. The purified blood is return to you, again through dialysis access.
  • Kidney Transplant
    Kidney transplant requires, matching family donors, expensive surgery and lifelong immunosuppressant medications.Keeping this medical facts in mind; concept of dialysis unit was launched at our CCC center.Dialysis unit was inaugurated and launched on Jan 2005 with initially two dialysis machines; Nipro japan units were received in donations.. With increasing demands it has expanded up to nine units with positive and negative sections, RO water treatment plant and three shifts round the clock.Consulting nephrologists, Dr. Javad Vakil, visiting from Ahmadabad and available for any acute care problems.Our center performs about 600 dialysis per month with three shifts rotations in a day.Cost of dialysis is Rs.900 per patients. Center subsidized to almost 80% of patients with less then Rs. 500 per setting.Please visit our center and bless our patients. “Manav sewa , prabhu sewa.”.
Diabetes Clinic


Diabetic disease is like wild fire. It keeps on spreading. One out of every five patients is suffering from diabetes. These alarming numbers are increasing.. Cost of managing disease, complications of diabetes and Man hours time loss are extremely high. “Prevention is better than cure:”

Our aim is to prevent deadliest complications of diabetic disease by repeated check up, by making them compliant with their medications and avoid major complications. Diabetes affects five major organs. Known as target organs.

  • Heart and Blood vessels of body.
  • Brain and nerve endings.
  • Kidneys.
  • Distal parts of leg and foot.
  • Eye complication: retinal blindness.

Our clinic provides services to all diabetic patients with

  • Medical consultations,
  • Laboratory work up,
  • Cardiac checkup.
  • Medicine supply: To under privileged and indigent patients.
  • Preventive work up on Target organs.

Clinic has adopted 100 poor and indigent patients: who cannot afford to pay any thing: They are BPL card holders. We have increased this pool to 150 patients with additional new donations. Our clinic supplies them medicine and follow up diabetic care at our facility with no charge.

Our aim: To make all patients compliant, prevent complication to live healthy life.

Clinic Hours: Saturday. 10 to 3 pm.

Director of clinic: Dr. Ankur Rawal, MD.

Donors for diabetic clinic:

  • Keshavlal Vajechand Kapadia : Mumbai
  • PareshBhai Kantibhai Kapadia.
  • Dr. Indiraben Punjalal Shah and family members, Khambhat, Surat.
  • Mr. Prafulbhai P.Shah. Mumbai.
  • Mr. Jagdishbhai P. Shah: Mumbai.



Imaging Center

Our aim is to prevent deadliest complications of diabetic disease by repeated check up, by making them compliant with their medications and avoid major complications. Diabetes affects five major organs; Known as target organs.
Under the current situation, patients often have to travel far distances, such as to Anand, Nadiad or Vadodara with their relatives in very life threatening condition. With the launching of this Project, CT Scan is available at their door step. This is the only CT Scanner in Khambhat and surrounding Communites. Some of the diagnoses which can be helped by this scan are as follows.

1) Stroke

2) Cancer

3) Trauma

4) Acute Abdomen

5) Arthritis

CT Scan

We have High Speed Dual Slice GE Machine, which produces high quality images in short time. On a good note, the lions club International Division has granted $75000 for this project, provided that we bring in $ 2,75,000 in our share of donations, This is the first major contribution to us by a major International Institute.

The project has been completed and has been operational since March 2008. We do about 90 CT Scans per month.


For the benefit of Khambhat & Surrounding area we have DROPPER ULTRA SOUND SYSTEM from Philips India Which combines many Modern Technology including 3D Images, Digital Zoom view , 1000 images storing facility. By this Sonography Machine number of investigation can be done such as Abdominal, Obstetrical, pediatrics, musculosketetal, Gynecological and Fertility, Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Vascular, Intra Operative Vadcular, Transcranial Doppler, Adult & pediatric & Cardiac.

We are very happy to state that this system is working extra ordinary to the fullest satisfaction of all patients and presently over 700 Sonography investigation are done in a month.

Digital X-Ray

This is the most advanced X-Ray Machine, We are able to proved for the benefit of Khambhati people. This is GE made machine. Apart from all routine plain X-ray, all types of procedures like barium study for bowel examination for kidney disease & other various procedure are done routinely.

CR System

In support of CT Scan & Digital X-Ray Machine, Computed Radiology System (CR System) from Fuji is installed which is the basic component of our Radiology Department. This is the newest Technology of DRY PIX 7000 CR System Fuji. it features dynamic design strength, easy operation, back up security and unrivalled image quality .This machine is capable of giving image prints as well as useful in transferring images through networking channel. With this advanced CR System image quality obtained are of high quality with no need of repeat X-Rays

Mammography Unit

Mammography Unit also known as TANMANBEN PATEL MAMMOGRAPHY UNIT

The Mammography unit was inaugurated in month of Dec 2010, in memory of late Shrimati Tanmanben patel. It was donated by her son Mr.Mahendrabhai and his wife Mrs. Panna patel and daughter Ms. Sanskriti.

This is the only mammography unit in radius of 50 km. It will help in early detections of breast cancers and other breast related lesions like

  • Fibro adenoma of breast (non cancerous breast lump)
  • Most common breast cysts (water collection in a beg).
  • Fibrocystic disease of Breasts.
  • Tuberculosis of breast( TB ).

Follow up after breast cancer surgery and also many other breast related diseases.

This is state of the art machine by Siemens’ costing around RS.26.5 lakhs about $52,000.

National cancer center recommendation; Any woman above age 40 yrs, should have routine mammography every two years with clinical correlations of breast exams. World data shows that out of every six woman, one is likely to develop breast cancer. It is very scary, isn’t it? Any cancer disease: ” prevention is better than cure.”

Average cup of coffee in USA with Starbucks runs around $ 6 per cup. This center provides complete mammography with official report with $ 3.0 only. This is only possible from generous ongoing donations from respectful donors.

Mammography vouchers offered for Rs. 500 or $11.

It is a new beginning in history of medical treatment in Khambhat.

Thank you and God bless donors and his family to fight this deadliest disease.

Angiography & Angioplasty
    Cardiac (Heart) disease is the No. 1 worldwide killer of men and women. And sadly, India leads on this front. India has the highest number of cardiac patients in the world, the number growing day by day.Department of Cardiology within cardiac care center provides advanced diagnostic tests and treatment for problems as common as chest pain (Angina), as serious as heart attack (Myocardial Infarction).Invasive Cardiology offers treatment for Coronary Artery Disease with Angioplasty, Stents, etc.The cardiac care center follows the latest international AHA / ACC guidelines in performing cardiac procedures, which ensures that the patients are given the best cardiac care according to world standards.Our sophisticated Cathlab and advanced technology offers unmatched outcome. The highly qualified and skilled cardiologist-DR.KAMALDEEP CHAWLA, with expertise in cardiac procedures, perform coronary and peripheral angiographies, balloon angioplasties, stenting. Offering round the clock services for cardiac emergencies to treat complicated heart conditions.The hospital has introduced cardiac procedure with a very nominal package charges.
  • Treatments and Procedures
    Non Invasive procedures
    • Electrocadiography and Computerized TMT
    • Color Doppler Echocardiography SystemInvasive Procedures
    • Coronary angiography
    • Right Heart Catheterization
    • Coronary Angioplasty with/without Stenting
    • Balloon Valvuloplasty
    • Biventricular Pacemaker Placement
    The Cardiac Care Center is providing intensive and critical care services round the clock with a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced consultants and trained nurses. ICU/ICCU is designed as per international standards with independent rooms and attached washroom. 10 ICU rooms, totally equipped with centralized oxygen gas, suction line with Central Monitor System, Four Ventilators, Page writer Electro Cardiogram Machine, Defibrillator as well as Portable X-Ray Machine, Treadmill Mac – 5000, 2D Echo Doppler Machine.
  • Patient Care
    Utmost care is taken for the approaching patients without discriminating them for their caste, creed, religion or their financial condition. Periodic multi-disciplinary briefings of the patient’s family regarding the condition of the patient are done. A scheme of “Arogya Mitra” is implemented for a continuous follow of patients even after their discharge from the hospital.The intensive and critical care team practices evidence based medicine with latest molecule researched following international protocols. Infection control protocols to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) like Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP), catheter related Blood Stream Infection (BSI) and catheter associated Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) are followed rigorously.